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Company Vision

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Mission Statement

Quality Policy

Chemical Engineering Services

Chemical Products


The Company Quality Policy is to provide products, services and processes which meet or exceed our clients needs and expectations in the most cost effective manner.

Commitment to quality is recognised by management as being the key to reaching this objective, along with having established guidelines and the involvement of all employees. This has resulted in the implementation of a system which defines the minimum standard for all work practices from receipt of tender to delivery of product or service.

The system comprises procedures, method statements, flow diagrams and quality plans which have been developed to eliminate error, waste and frustration, thus ensuring quality of all processes.

At Segi Perkasa, Quality is achieved by:

          1. Training and motivation;
          2. Adherence to documented procedures;
          3. Investigation of nonconformance and implementation of effective corrective action;
          4. Quality System improvement

Quality Policy Statement

To deliver quality products and services effectively and efficiently, in a professional and flexible environment, on time and at the right cost to our customers, while striving to become a world-class organization.


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